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1964 T-bird for sale near Minnepolis

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  • 1964 T-bird for sale near Minnepolis

    I have decided to sell my 1964 Thunderbird. I bought the car in the mid 1990's in Phoenix and have stored the car in a concrete floor garage since. This car has never been driven on a road since I purchased it. The car has always been my "next car to restore", but now that I am finishing up the car that I am restoring, I realize that I have no desire to restore it. It is probably better to have someone else own it who will enjoy the car.

    I started the car last week, and it fired right up with a temporary fuel line between a gas can and the fuel pump (gas in tank is 20+ years old).

    Note that the photos are about 4 years old. They were taken when I moved the car from my house to a different storage location, but they are a true representation of the car condition now.


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    Good luck with the sale! Nice car.