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    My '60 convertible project is finally underway! Am going to be needing lots of stuff before we are done. I bought a car that had been completely disassembled so I really have no idea what a lot of these parts are or what was originally where. For now, I am looking for front inner fender wells. Apparently, these were in two parts as I have the rearward pieces for both sides, but am missing whatever went up front. Looking for a source. Ideas? Also in need of moral support. Maybe a mental exam...

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    Here's the parts diagram. There are only two easily removable parts, a front and rear splash shield.

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      For moral support you've come to the right place. As far as the other issue........same here and I've yet to find a cure Think you're just stuck with the problem for life.

      Check with Carl Heller for your parts. He's got quite a few. "partsetal" here on the forum. Send him a message.

      If you get a chance post some pics of your project !!


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        Thanks fellas! I have printed the exploded parts page and sent a PM to Mr. Heller. Hopefully he will be able to help me or at least point me in the right direction. As for pics, it is probably a little early for "bragging rights" as the car is currently on a rotisserie acquiring new metal and reworking old repairs, but we are getting close to having the body work done. Have ordered a custom chassis from Scot's Hot Rods (currently moving to Knoxville, TN) and hope that it will be available soon that we can start fitting the body to it. Will post pics if anyone is interested as things begin to get interesting.


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          Saw those chassis, look forward to seeing how it all goes together. Make sure you take lots of photos!


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            Would definitely like to see pics of install of scott's frame. Talked to him about a year ago about his frame but have never seen any install pics online. This is on my wish list of things I would like to do to my 59.


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              Will be glad to share our progress when there is something worthwhile to share. You may have to be patient for a while though. I ordered the chassis early in the year knowing that their move was going to interfere with a "normal" delivery, but wanted to be early in the queue when the started production again. By our last conversation, they should have started relocating their people just a couple of days ago. They profess to be up as running again by 5/1, but who knows? I keep you posted.