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'65 Hidden stereo, 64-66

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  • '65 Hidden stereo, 64-66

    For Sale- Very nicely done hidden stereo, complete system

    I had a double black 65, beautiful, original, low miles, 1 owner car. Wanted a quality system, but didn't want to make any permanent modifications, to allow easy and complete restoration if needed. If you own a 64-66, you are familiar with the fact that there is "NO" room anywhere without making serious physical modifications to the vehicle.

    Sytem details-

    For the backseat area- We designed and built armrest replacements that house speakers, utilizing the stock armrest mounting hardware and holes. These actually compliment the stock interior design, sound great, and install/remove simply. These armrests are professionally upholstered in black to match a stock Raven Black interior. They could be reupholstered, using the black as a template, to match your particular color.

    For the frontseat area- Since replacement kick panels were available aftermarket, we purchased new rather than modify the original kick panels. Those new kicks were modified to house speakers. They install in the factory location. These are Raven Black. If needed, your color can be purchased inexpensively, and modified to match, or these could potentially be painted.

    For the bass(trunk area)- We have a subwoofer box designed and built to fit into the spare tire location, without modification. This box is carefully thought out, providing proper cubic air space for sound, houses 3 amps, 2 subwoofers, and also houses the deck. It is covered in black speakerbox material. Looks great when the trunk lid is up!

    For the controller- The system utilizes a Kenwood controller. The controller mounts to the dash, just to the right of the swing away steering column. It is round, and similar to the stock round gauge pods, so it is complimentary to the gauge package. The controller mounts via adhesive backed tape so no holes are drilled in the dash.

    Additionally, one of the amps was utilized and switched separately to power 2 large coaxial speaker boxes, on 6ft tethers, to provide parking tunes for car show, beach, etc.
    These boxes are also covered professionally and sit atop the roof when the need arises.

    Also available, separate stereo battery, to prevent battery drain on car battery (while parked and using exterior tethered speakers), and full alarm system.

    The system cost thousands to build and was in the car for 6 months (over winter, while parked in garage), only used a few times. There are over 100 hrs of fabrication in the T-bird specific parts.

    The system was professionally installed by Sound Advise in Everett,WA, and was professionally removed by the same. They could be hired to repeat if needed.

    If interested please call for more details, system models, etc.
    We are negotiable, whether you are interested in just the T-bird specific parts, or the entire system.

    Mike (206)769-7269

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    stereo and part are still available