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'60 (Or '59) Tbird Wanted

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  • '60 (Or '59) Tbird Wanted

    I am posting this for new user, Russell ~ DevoMan. Here is what they are looking for in the way of a '60 or '59 Tbird.

    "I like the 1960 T-Bird Coupe with 352 FE motor, Cruise-O-Matic transmission, AC, power brakes, power steering,
    Exterior Chrome Dress-Up Package, Back-Up Lights, Rear Fender Shields, Outside Left and Right Rearview Mirrors, standard "push-button radio with antenna and Lifeguard Front Seat Belts (if possible). Any additional options would be acceptable, but not needed).

    First paint choice would be the Sultana Turquoise Metallic with Corinthian White top. I imagine that would be an awesome combination (Two-Tone color KM). With dark/light turquoise (cloth/vinyl) seats code 77.

    The Aquamarine with Corinthian White top would be my second choice. Two-tone color CM. With same interior as above (dark/light turquoise (cloth/vinyl) seats code 77).

    In a '59 it would be Indian Turquoise.

    Another choice would be a red/white Tbird with matching red/white interior.

    Also blue/white is another choice, with matching blue/white interior, except for the dark blue. There really are not very many colors we don't like. We just prefer the colors that "pop" to speak. Two-tone is preferred. Wife is not keen on yellow, brown, tan, black, green, dark blue.

    Ideally the 1960 is what we want (tail lights mainly), but since the cars are almost identical, if we find a 59 with all things being equal (color; engine; options, etc.) we will consider it.

    They would like it to be as close to original as possible, because they want to keep it that way. With the possible exception of swapping the generator for an alternator, and disc brakes up front, making it a safer and a bit more modern in technology. They are not looking for a fixer-upper, but one that has been a one owner or as close to that as possible. They are NOT looking for one that has the 430MEL engine in it. They do not need power windows, or power seats, but power steering and power brakes are desired. One that has been well maintained, and cared for, garaged well, and has been repaired or restored well. They are looking for one that they can drive immediately, on a weekend, and not have to be constantly repairing it or spending a long time to get it fixed to get it on the road.

    They have decided, though he is somewhat of a mechanic, that it is wiser and makes better sense to find one that they are not going to be spending the rest of their lives trying to get back on the road again. Their upper limit seems to be $25,000, and less is desired.

    It does NOT have to have AC, though they want AC. If it happens to have a good working aftermarket AC system that is even better. But if not, they are looking at the possibility of having a non-AC car equipped with an aftermarket, modern, state of the art, AC system running R-132."

    If you have what they might be looking for, now that Russell is a member of the Forum, send them a Private Message (and copy me so I can keep up with things), and let him know what you have available.

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator.....
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411