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  • Collectable Squarebird belt buckle

    Tony, Oz
    Hi to all you squarebirders, I'm new to the site and sorry to say I don't own a squarebird but, maybe one day, 'til then my 65 Landau will have to do. The reason for the message is to find out how many of you would be interested in a belt buckle to go with your car. What I have in mind is a rectangular buckle with the word 'Thunderbird' in script across the top, below that an image of a squarebird looking at it at 45 degrees from the front and then below that the actual year of your particular car, eg: 1958, 59, or 60. they will be made to order for your particular year. The approximate cost should be around
    $30 US which hopefully will include postage to you. I need to get some sort of idea as to demand before I start, as the set up costs will be quite high and I don't own a bank!!
    If you would be interested in purchasing one of these buckles please
    E-Mail me direct at and quote "belt buckle" in the 'subject' line and how many you would be interested in.
    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.
    Tony, South Australia, (Oz)
    Sorry for the long post.