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  • Wanted-Quarter panels

    looking for quarter panels for my 59, need the whole panel from the top of the fin and from the tail lights to the rear door, both sides, also looking for a cheep gas tank, dosent need to be perfect. im in ns canada can pay pay pal, money order, cheque or online bank transfer.

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    quarters dont need to be perfect either.


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      Wanted-Quarter panels

      Hi Robert, Check with Carl Heller~partsetal here on the Forum. He has a lot of Squarebird parts. He might be able to help you on the panels and the gas tank. Send Carl a Private Message. However, I would suggest if you need to replace the tank, go new. Myself and others went used and some of us had problems with our used ones down the road, even after having them cleaned out by a professional gas tank cleaner. So I bought a new one from the company on eBay that sells these gas tanks and have not regretted it. Thunderbird gas tanks are made in Canada these days and they are very well made. There are two sources for them on eBay. One says it ships to the US and does not mention Canada. The Buy It Now Price is $189.95, plus $45 shipping. You might email the seller and ask him if he will ship to Canada. Here is that link.

      The other one is a bit more expensive, but they say they ship worldwide. It costs $207.90 plus $45 shipping. Here is the link to it.

      If you check the prices from the Tbird parts house, their gas tanks are usually higher prices.

      Body panels are also available from most of our Tbird parts houses, like the Bird House, in Delaware, the Bird Nest in Oregon, both who have parts cars you can get parts from. Check the Advertisements Forum for the contact info for all our Tbird Parts Houses. A number of people here have parts from their parts cars available also. You might find something from them. I hope this information helps.

      Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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        I agree- Just buy the new gas tank. You'll will be money ahead...

        -Jon in TX.
        The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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          1960 Hash Mark location

          Last night I found a photo with dimension for the hash marks. Can't find this morning. Help?


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            This is the thread you are looking for. See post #4.

            John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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