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Wanted: Windshield Washer Pump for 59

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  • Wanted: Windshield Washer Pump for 59


    Im searching for weeks now, for a hard to find part, for a good friend: The "windshield washer pump" for his '59 convertible.

    He wants to restore it as original as possible, but here in Germany no one has such a part. I only found the rebuild kit on Ebay.

    So: Does someone still has this in rebuildable or working condition?

    I have a PO-box in Florida and can pay with PayPal. Or I can use bill-pay with my bank-account at Wachovia. But I havnt try that till now. ;-)

    Hope someone can help to make a guy for the "old world" happy.

    Best regards ... Jens

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    Hey Jens,
    Someone on here may have one, good luck! Ebay has one on there every once and a while! They were junk when they were made and owners had problems out of them from the get go! There is one of our members that says his is on his car and still works
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      He's correct... difficult to find...usually on ebay...I payed over $200 for a non working one five years ago.


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        Also try Bob's Bird House, up in the N.E.

        He's had them from time to time, in various degrees of value (just for looks, working, brand new).
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          (just to complicate matters) I believe there were two types of pumps. One was driven off of the power steering belt and located on the left side while the other was driven off of the generator belt and on the right, the latter being needed for cars without the power steering option.

          If you do a Search of old posts, you should find photos of both types.

          One of my long term hopes is to set the hole thing up and get it actually working (a couple times . . . ) as this is one of the ****dest Rube Goldberg setups I have ever seen!

          One of the challenges is to overhaul the switch (to the left of the driver, up near the windshield) so that it does not leak air, which kills the whole operation, marginal to begin with.
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            Sorry for not replying earlier, I did not set the notification option.

            Since I searched plenty of places to find this part, I know it will not be easy to find one and that it will cost some money. ;-)

            I hope for the best. Thanks for your help.

            :-) Jens
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              I have one, which I don't know if it works make me a offer
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