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Then And Now Automotive

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  • Then And Now Automotive

    Then And Now Automotive is a source for the Moog K256 Idler Arm Repair Kit and many other parts for our Tbirds. They also can rebuild components. Lisa said: we manufacture our fuel pump kits with modern materials made in the US and stand up to the ethanol in today's fuel.

    Lisa of Then & Now Auto Parts has joined the Forum. She told me the following in an email this morning.

    "I can offer your members free shipping on all purchases. I would ask that they send me a private message through the forum. This way I would be able to make sure they are members and would be able to let my guys know that they are shipping at no charge." Her Forum user id is Lisa Pawlik.

    1958 Std fuel pump # 4487 kit # FPA 227 $ 47.50
    Dual action pump # 4486 kit # FPA233 $ 69.50
    1959 Single action pump # 4713 kit # FPA227 $47.50
    Dual action pump # 4710 kit # FPA233 $69.50
    1960 w/430 single action pump # 4441 kit # FPA241 $47.50

    See pix of the Fuel Pump kits below.

    We offer rebuilding services : Single action pumps $ 95.00
    Dual action pumps $ 135.00
    New pumps : Inquire

    We actually have so many parts to offer that I can't list them all, we offer everything from chassis parts : ball joints ,upper & lower control arm kits , tie rod ends etc . tune up parts ,motor mounts gaskets , engine components , pistons rings , mains , rods etc.

    Ford Lenses:
    B5A13208B 1958 Parking 11 $15.00
    B8A13450B 1958 Stop&Tail 10 $20.00
    B8A13540B1 1958 Stop&Tail 2 $20.00 Wagon
    B8A13450A 1958 Stop& Tail 10 $15.00 Pass
    B8A13209 1958 Parking 10 $10.00 Left
    B8A13208A 1958 Parking 5 $10.00 Right
    B9SF13489A 1958 Retainer sleeve16 $30.00 T Bird
    B9SF13489A 1958-59 Retainer sleeve10 $30.00 T Bird
    TB85-13450A 1958-59 Stop&tail 10 $20.00 T Bird
    B9SF13489A 1958-59 Illuminator 14 $20.00
    D9SF13489A 1958-59 Stop&Tail 5 $25.00 T Bird, w/ back up
    B9A13450 1959 Stop&Tail 13 $20.00 Pass
    B9A13450A 1959 Stop&tail 5 $20.00
    B9A15514A 1959 Back up 9 $25.00
    B9A13208A 1959 Parking 8 $15.00 All
    C0AF13209C 1960 Parking 9 $5.00 Left
    C0AF13209C 1960 Parking 12 $5.00 Right

    Here is their contact information.

    Ph: 781-335-8860
    FX: 781-335-1925

    Ask for Chris or Lisa

    Here are some pix and a Spring 2015 Flyer that Lisa sent me. Click on the link below to see that. They still have some Moog K-256 Idler Arm Repair kits left! 2015.doc
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