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  • Turn signal switch

    Hey guys I'm back again searching parts does anyone know where I can find a turn signal switch for 67 t-bird mine has a broke cancelling cam while I'm there figure I might as well replace switch broke it gives me problems but can't find one any help will be appreciated

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    Turn signal switch

    JT, look in the Advertisements Forum. The very first item deals with newer cars than the 55-66's. Stefan's is another one. Check through that list and you should find some other companies that might have what you are looking for.

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      The cams are readily available for about $10. If you want the entire switch you are looking at trying to find a NOS one and that will be pretty expensive if you can even find one. The last one on Ebay went for over $100. '67 was a one year only switch which makes it even harder to find.

      John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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        Turn signal switch

        Thanks guys think I will just go for the cam parts for the 67 are far and few in between