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  • His and Hers Birds

    Craziest thing.... bought a '67 on Monday, body in great shape, interior decent, motor has sat for 10 years. Last night a guy got back with me after a week on a different '67. Motor rebuilt, interior excellent. Have to finish putting a few things back on. Body needs some work. Well...... just towed it home. Picked it up for $900. Got the first for $1200. Now my work is cut out!

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    James yes it would appear that you do have your work cut out for you But the end result will be crusin in your " his and hers TBirds "
    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
    Thunderbird Registry
    58HT #33317
    60 HT (Sold )


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      So true. Now the fun starts.... who's is who's? I like the hardtop better but the Landau has the 428 4 barrel....


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        Best to ...

        to pull both engines for "necessary repairs" and on reassembly inadvertently put the 428 back in the hard top, and to be a real sport you could give her the 428 air-cleaner. Just kidding, sort of. Finally got mine out for a drive today. Felt great. Mike


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          I like the way you think.