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390 2v in 66 bird

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  • 390 2v in 66 bird

    I learned from yellow rose aka Ray how to run my numbers for my bird and everything checks out. Its a 66 town landau special, wimbledon white, trim #26, and it also said im supposed to have a 390 4v, however the breather on my motor says 390 2v. Was there ever a 2v in the 66? Where should i look for the block numbers to run them? thanks for your time guys/girls.

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    390 2v in 66 bird

    Hi Eric! According to Automotive Mile Posts, all three engines that were put in the '66 Flairbirds came with a 4 barrel carb. This is a link that will help you learn a lot more about your Tbird. You can look at the Production figures, Specifications, Paint colors, Interior, Standard Equipment list, Optional Equipment list, etc... If that Tbird has a 2V on it, then someone, down the road, in the past put one on it after it left the factory.

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