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8 Track player removal

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  • 8 Track player removal

    Hey everyone, it finally happened, my 8 track stopped working, I think its the belt, the tape is not moving. Does anybody know how to remove these from the dash? Does anyone know if it is easy to replace the belt? Thanks!

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    You have to remove the left and right side console pieces so you can remove the radio brackets. Then remove the radio knobs and nuts. The diagram should help. I'm not sure about the belt but it should be replaceable.

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      Great! Thank you!


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        It's been a very long time since I've had one of these apart. Usually after removing the top or bottom cover the belt is right there. Sometimes there may be a bracket in the way but a screw or two will usually remove it if there is one. I had a '69 8-track and it was easy. Finding the belt will probably be a bigger challenge. If you find a good source for belts please let us know.