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idle is low with air conditioner on

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  • idle is low with air conditioner on

    OK, another question, my car idles good with the air off, but once I turn the air on, it seems to idle a little low, I do have the timing set a little advanced to keep the idle good, but no matter what once I put in into drive then turn the air on the motor kinda shakes and it idles pretty low. Is there a way to get the car to idle higher once is gear, cause it seems if you turn the idle screw up a little or advance the timing it idles higher in neutral but once to drop in into drive it idles low again? Thanks!

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    Back in the 70's when AC became more prevalent manufacturers started adding solenoids to carburetors to boost the idle when the AC was turned on. I'm not sure if there's an aftermarket unit that will fit the 4100 carburetor.

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      Set the idle speed while the car is in gear and the AC off and see if that works for you. If it does, see what happens stopped in D with the AC on. It is common to bump up the idle by 50 when the AC is on.

      If no luck, lookie here: