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  • Vacuum canister

    Hey everyone, I know the vacuum canister right of the hood hinge is for the door locks, I was wondering if the tubes that come out the side that the rubber hoses connect to are supposed to turn, they are connected to a round piece and i noticed that it turns, I am afraid I might be losing vacuum, the locks work good when the engine is running, but once the motor is shut off the locks do not work, so it seems the the vacuum can is not holding vacuum once the motor is off. Thanks!

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    They should not turn. It is a common problem with those canisters causing a loss of vacuum. You can use JB Weld-It or some other epoxy. I haven't had any luck trying to solder them but you can try that also.

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      You mean the coffee can? It's a reservoir for vacuum; nothing more. The vacuum source is the intake manifold and there needs to be an unbroken, sealed system to keep air from refilling it. All the hoses need to be without cracks, The connections need to be not leaking, the check valve needs to operate perfectly. It's 55 years old. What could possibly go wrong?

      Seriously, the most common source for leaks is one of the yards of vacuum hose.


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        I sealed up the vacuum canister and the locks still do not work when the motor is not running, so I assume its probably a cracked hose somewhere, I am not going to worry about it, its not that big of a deal, and i think going under the dash looking for a cracked hose would be too much of a hassle. Thanks for your reply's.