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1964 T bird ...I need A/C help

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  • 1964 T bird ...I need A/C help

    After 6 months I will throw in the towel- nuts and bolts kitchen sink and the dog.. SO can any of you ford guys know who has the best price [[AC kits complete]]..I see a lot of ac kits for1500.00 but know nothing about about installing a new kit . who has the most reasonable installation cost... what would a fair cost be..? does the steering column have to be pulled.... thanks for your time Ken

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    1964 T bird ...I need A/C help

    Hi Ken, there are several major AC system kits available today. One is Vintage Air and another is Classic Auto Air. Vintage Air does NOT list a dedicated AC kit set up for ready install into a Tbird. Classic Auto Air DOES... They have specialized kits for 1955-1966 Tbirds, including one for your 1964. Yes, the kits will cost you $1,500 to purchase. What it will cost you for a company who specializes in installing these kits is something that you will need to check out in your area. It is difficult to say what that cost might be. We have a number of people on here who have recently had the Classic Auto Air "Perfect Fit" AC kit installed on their Squarebirds. They tell me it will run you out of the car it can get that cold. They work very well. In the case of those Squarebirds owners who have a non-AC equipped Tbird, they had to locate and obtain a 3 groove crankshaft pulley to make it all work. That can be hard to find for a Squarebird, and can get expensive. What you might need for your '64, perhaps someone like John ~ jopizz can tell you. Regarding having to pull the steering column, not that I know of, but John could probably comment on that as well. He has repaired or restored many 1958-1966 Tbirds over some 40+ years. If I were putting an aftermarket AC kit in my Squarebird, it would be a Classic Auto Air "Perfect Fit" made especially for my year of Tbird. You do not get that from Vintage Air, or any other manufacturer, that I know of. Many classic car owners are running their AC systems in their cars. Below is the link to to the 1964 Flairbird kit from Classic Auto Air. If anyone here in the States has recently, or fairly recently had a "Perfect Fit" system installed in their Tbird, please let us know what the installation costs were. Thanks!

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      You should not have to remove the steering column. You will have to remove most of the lower dash on the passenger side to remove the old heater box and install the new A/C/heater box. As Ray mentioned you will most likely need a new water pump pulley. I don't believe it is included in either kit.

      John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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        good advice and info

        Hello Ray thanks for taking the time to reply .

        i'm going to call around the tri-state area and see what I can find out about installation cost..Tri state area is Ky/ohio/WVa I,m located in Ashland Ky..south eastern...I/ll keep you what i find out
        thanks again for your time Ken:confused