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Where is the Constant Voltage Regulator?

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  • Where is the Constant Voltage Regulator?

    I am going to change mine and was wondering where on the back of the instrument panel is this located on a 65 Tbird?

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    Where is the Constant Voltage Regulator?

    Bill, this link will tell you where to find the CVR unit on a '65 Tbird to replace it. However before you do, let me suggest something to you... First the link.

    Now, before you replace it with an OEM CVR unit, (mostly made in China these days, and often reportedly fail), you might consider replacing it with a modern solid state CVR unit. You can get them from some companys for about $55, plus shipping. Or from the Bird Nest for $44.95, plus shipping, Model #1084E.

    However, do we have a deal for you! I see you are not a Paid Member of this Forum. Our great webmaster, Dave Dare, AKA
    simplyconnected happened to make solid state CVR units guaranteed not to fail, or he will replace it. I don't know of one that has failed yet. He builds them with voltage protection build in, so that if it should ever fail, it will NOT allow the 12v to get to the 6v gauges and fry them. Rather than me going into a long winded outline of how to do this, just click on this link from the Anything Goes sub-Forum. All there information is there. Yes, you will have to send him your old CVR unit so he can build the new one in it and send it back to you. I have been running a solid state CVR in my '59 and so far, it has never failed me. Here is the link. Read the initial entry in Post #1.

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