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    Scumdog Has A Question!

    Tom sent me a follow up email and pic regarding his CVR unit. Here is what he had to say.

    "Hi Ray, Yet another update!
    After messing around with the mechanical CVR I saw sense and fitted a Simplyconnected solid state CVR, I mounted it on a short section of light gauge steel that I then attached to a bolt beside the steering column ( after check it would make a good ground)

    I made two short leads to go from the factory wiring down to the CVR thus enabling me to more easily both attach the CVR and the wires.

    As you can see the result is pretty good, the pic is of the gauges with the motor idling and the temp at the sender 181F (using a infrared thermometer)

    I have a hunch the all read a 1/4" to far to the left i.e. read a tad low but I'm happy and will soon relearn their usual setting.
    I let the motor sit for five minutes after turning it off and the temp gauge needle was right in the centre when the reading at the sender was 190F.

    Very sad news about Las Vegas, we got married there in 2001 and love it's glitter etc. Regards, Tom."

    Here is that pic.
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