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66 C6 shift shaft seal replacement

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  • 66 C6 shift shaft seal replacement

    I've been chasing a trans leak that had me scratching my head. Trans was dry as a bone while driving it, but would leak when stored. The longer it sat, the worst the leak would get! I finally got around to locating the leak, and it turns out its coming from the shift shaft seal. It looks as though you have to drop the pan and pull the shaft out to replace the seal according to the service manual, but I am wondering if the seal can be removed externally with a pick? Has anyone here ever replaced this seal, and can give me some insight? Thanks, Bob

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    I think you answered your own question. The shaft is held in place by a nut on the inside of the transmission. Without removing the shaft there's no way to get the old seal out and the new seal in. If you look at the new seal you will see that it has a hard outer part with rubber on the inside. It's not a rubber seal that you can just lift out and over the shaft. I've done it before and there are no shortcuts that I know of.

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      I've read that it is a problem for old Fords that sit idle for long periods. Apparently the transmission oil works it's way out of all the orifices at the top of the transmission and rises above the seal and eventually out of the seal. Running the car at least once a week keeps transmission fluid up high in all these nooks and crannies and below the seal level. This could be true as I have changed the seal in my 64 and even though the oil has been draining for some time you always seem to get a face full when you crawl under to take a look. It's not difficult to change the seal. Well not on an FMX just a little awkward. Good luck.