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    I'm finishing up my modifications and electrical in the trunk. Earlier I had two loose relays in there and needed a third, so I bought a four panel relay box to neaten up this area.

    The overall picture shows the vapor recovery canister on the left, a composite wood shelf to hold the subwoofer amplifier, behind that the left rear seat belt retractor, and to the far right is the top of the Tanks, Inc. bracket that manages the in-tank fuel pump. The inverter power unit is loose in the foreground, and will be mounted on the vertical panel under the self. The third brake light is worked into the lower portion of the vent below the rear glass.

    The close-up shows the 4 position fuse panel, which is fed off the new main panel under the hood through a 40 amp fuse. This serves the amplifier (redundant fuse), power inverter, fuel pump and third brake light. To the right and below that is a four position relay box housing a spare, inverter, fuel pump, and third brake light.

    The third brake light is controlled by a relay off of this source to maintain a constant brightness. A current limiter is part of the circuit.

    The fuel pump relay is controlled by the fuel injection system ECU. It primes the system for a few seconds at key on, and turns it off if the engine isn't running. An inertia switch in the power circuit is a redundant safety feature.

    The receptacle panel in the rear cockpit has a switch to turn the inverter on. The relay for the inverter is triggered by a signal from the ACC circuit to ensure that it won't drain the battery with key off.

    The fourth picture is my updated wiring diagram for the trunk.
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