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problem with power window

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  • problem with power window

    I have a 64 Thunderbird Landau & it has power windows. We had to put the driver window down to get the car loaded on the trailer & now cant get it back up an was told it might be the power window switch bad. Is there any way to bypass this an get the window up?

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    This problem may be an extesion of your, 'car won't start' problem. I suggest you work on that first, then see if this problem still exists. Give your wires a shake and keep a keen eye out for movement at the connections. - Dave
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      If it's the window motor itself you're stuck. Sometimes they will work in one direction and not the other. You can try removing the switch bezel from the console, unplug the connector going to that switch and put power to the red or yellow wire. I don't remember which one is up.

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        yea the guy I got the car off of messed with the wires on the driver side door an got the window down just need to figure out how to get it up before get in trouble for having a cover over the window of the car live in city limits & get the car running an back it in were the plates are not showing even though it is on my property in my driveway.


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          Just took the track off an put the window up an bolted everything back up an put a piece of wood under it for right now till I can get it fixed right just to get the window up an the cover off of the car.