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410 and Cruiso

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  • 410 and Cruiso

    So what do you guys think if I were to 410 my 390 would the 1964 cruiso hold up just fine. Obviously when I pull the engine I will have the trans overhauled. Just dont know if its worth it for a C6 transplant just to 410 it. It is overall just a cruiser but hey if you have to pull it why not a few more ci.

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    I'd say you're OK if you don't pound on it too hard. You know about the flexplate, right?


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      Your C-6 can easily handle the torque. Are you staying with a flat tappet cam?
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        Roger on the flexplate. Not sure learning about the fe and trying to lock down what I want to do before I tear into it. From I hear 428 crank and plate 410 pistons.


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          410 ...

          As long as you don't pound on it excessively should be fine. Mike
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            Your tranny will be the mid-case MERC-O-MATIC Multi-Shift, which will more than hold up to a modified 410.


            He used to specialize in FORD-O-MATIC and can modify your valve body for performance. Also ask him about the case strengthening kit.