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  • Wiper Motor

    Just looked at the cable to my wiper motor today. The wiper motor worked when I pushed the lever but I could not turn it off or change the speed using the cable lever. The cable seems to be broken and the motor end is corroded into the housing with the end to the lever broken off. I have put a link to some photos below I hope they work. My 1st question is can these cables be bought from anywhere and secondly is the hex nut visable in the photo the adjuster to remove the cable. The motor is still in the vehicle I was trying to fix it without loosing all my power steering fluid again. Thanks Phil
    1964 Ford Thunderbird.

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    The cable might be available through the vendors or used from ebay ect. The thing to watch is when you take the cable out of the inside control, there is a small ball bearing, don't loose it! With the lever on the motor moved to it's stopped position will the motor park? And yes, removing the little bolt will get the cable free from the motor. Hope this helps, Bob C


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      Hi Bob
      Decided to take the motor out yesterday. I got the cable removed from the motor but the wire is seized solid inside the cable. The motor does park when the lever is returned. You forgot to tell me about the spring. I was expecting the ball bearing but when I opened the control the spring went in one direction the ball bearing in the other. It's hard to keep track of 2 things flying through the air in 2 directions haha, luckily I found both. Can only see one vendor who has a wiper cable but it looks different to the one I have. Part number looks to be 17470. Will add more photos to photo bucket. Thanks Phil


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        Windscreen Wiper Cable

        Does anyone know of a wrecking yard were I may be able to get a cable for the windscreen wiper motor on a 64 Thunderbird. I have emailed several people on eBay but no one seems to have the part available. I have sent an email to the Thunderbird Ranch but have not had a reply as yet. Or does anyone know were thay can be bought new? Also is there any sort of manual that describes the install of new weather strips etc. Thanks for any help Phil.


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          I bet with a little work you could fashion a manual choke cable to do the trick, although it seems like every time I search Craigs list someone is parting out another T-bird . As for the manuals, the Osborn body and electrical books are the best. They are reproduced from the original Ford drawings. Scroll down to find yours
          Good luck, Bob C


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            Wiper Motor

            Try contacting Bob's Bird House, and the Bird Nest. They have parts cars. You will find their contact information in the Advertisements Forum. Email them with your need and see if they can help. Also try the other Tbird parts vendors.

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