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  • Hood to Rad seal

    Hi guys, I have now got TWO seals that I ordered (long story, don't ask!!) thinking they went on the underneath of the hood and were there to seal between the underneath of the hood and the top of the radiator.

    These rubber 'strips' I received with the black plastic 'plugs' are a right-angle configuration about two-and-a-half feet (Can't be bothered measuring at the moment!) long and I can't see how they fit the applocation I intended.

    I suspect they are in fact the seal that goes across the radiator front of the radiator between it and the support that has the hood latch.

    Any ideas guys???

    I suspect the item I am looking for is of a completely different shape - can anybody post a pic of it?

    (Normally seen in pics under the hood of a Squarebird when the hood is open)
    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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    Sorry I'm so late with this, but glad you made me look, I forgot I needed one more pin in mine. Hope this helps, Bob C