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    Whitebird, it sound like you have a non-correct replacement cable(s). A correct neg cable goes from the neg post to the frame/apron area next to the alternator where a flag or square eyelet is crimped to the cable. This is bolted to the unibody, the cable then continues to the engine block and provides a large ground connection for the starter ect. Sounds like you need to add a heavy ground between the block and the apron location. Also check for the other eyelet I mentioned, it grounds the alternator case. If originality isn't an issue, you can run grounds where you like, but the original cables are available and you don't have to guess. As for the other wiring you described, it sounds like your car has been let's say altered, I'd try to sort through and get things back to where they should be so it can be dependable. Good luck, Bob C


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      Originally posted by redstangbob View Post
      ...the original cables are available...
      Bob, can you tell whitebird where to purchase a new OEM cable?

      Whitebird, you really need a body ground to your battery. I wouldn't run without one because current will find the path of least resistance. Sometimes, that means it goes through bearings, which will ruin them.
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        Well I've stepped in it again, obviously I should have said original like reproductions. Most of the vendors sell them, Marti is very proud of his.