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Where is the Motor Number location for '66

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  • Where is the Motor Number location for '66

    I'm new to this forum and just picked up a '66 Flairbird. Absolutely love this car. I've tried to research to see if the motor is the original one that came with the car. Where is the number located on the block that allows me to check and see if it's original and not a replacement motor?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Love this site.


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    Hi Don, welcome! Ford didn't have the "matching numbers" thing quite like Chevy, but there are some things that can tell you if you have the wrong parts. Ford parts have casting dates that can give you a clue whether the parts are original or not. If your engine parts were cast long after your car was built, they are replacements. You could have heads that were cast 6 months before your build date, but certainly not earlier. Also look for the assy date STAMPED not cast into the block just below the front-left-lower head bolt.
    here's a page on date codes And another on engine casting You didn't mention if you have a 'Q' code 428 or not. They were introduced in 66 so anything with an early casting date is a give away that someone swapped out the 428 and used it elsewhere. Hope this helps, Bob C


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      Where is the Motor Number location for '66

      Hi Don,

      Welcome again, to Squarebirds. If you do not have a 1966 Shop Manual, you will want to get one, plus several other manuals that you might need. Take a look at the Advertisements Forum, and you will see all the Tbird vendors listed there. A number of them have online catalogs but you might also want to call or email them and ask them to mail you their free catalogs. Then you can do comparison price shopping when you need parts.

      If you will look below my signature element you will see the link to the Technical Resource Library or TRL. Click on it and look down the library for the Wiring Schematics for the 1966 Tbird. There are quite a few of them. You may want to print them out to have when you need them. You may also want to take a look at the following website to learn more about your 1966 Tbird. Here you will find information regarding production numbers, mechanical specs, exterior paint, interior trim, standard and optional equipment, etc..

      Good luck with your Tbird and I am glad you are enjoying the Forum.

      Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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        Forgot to mention it's a 390

        Sorry, I forgot to mention it's the basic 390. According to the numbers, it does come with the C6 Dual range transmission though. I haven't been underneath to confirm this. It's pretty basic as far as options but dang, it's a Thunderbird and that's what I'm talking about. I've been in love with these old cars since I was a kid and saw them on the street.

        Thanks for the help Bob.

        I love your site Ray.

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          Here's an example of my block casting date

          It decodes to July 8, 1964.

          And this is the engine assembly date

          this shows August 4 1964


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            Thanks Bob. This is extremely helpful. I couldn't find this info in any of my books.