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  • Power Steering Box

    I have a leaking power steering box on 64 thunderbird so I have decided to remove it and replace the seals. I have got the box to the point of removal but cant seem to get it past the auto transmission. Is this the correct way out or is there a trick to removing the box.

    thanks for any advice Phil

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    I'd swear we just touched on this but I can't find it. The box comes out the bottom, after you remove the 3 'hockey pucks' that the mounting bolts go to, also remove the left cross brace. I get the steering link out of my way too. You might find the left exhaust pipe in the way if an aftermarket pipe was used. The box is heavy, a helper from above can be handy when going back in. Hope that helps, Bob C


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      Thanks Bob I havn't removed the Hockey Pucks as yet. I'll do that and see how I go.
      Thanks Phil


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        I put new seals in while it was still in the car, if it's only leaking at the pitman arm like my 66 was.


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          The box is leaking from the pitman and torsion bar seals so i'll replace them all. Whilst I have the box out i might take a look at the windscreen wiper motor and see why i can't turn it off. I think the cable may have come adrift. Does anyone know if the cowl is difficult to remove. In the book it says to remove the cowl but i can't see any instructions on how to do that. Do you just undo the screws or do the chrome window strips need to be removed also.

          thanks Phil


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            Remove the wiper arms, and the chrome nuts on the wiper transmission, then all the screws and it will roll out. Remember to have both doors and the hood open to clear everything. Good luck, Bob C


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              Pad around the wiper-arm shaft with rags when removing the arms - they've been known to 'ping' off suddenly and drop onto the cowl - plus you don't want to scratch the cowl while trying to lever off the arms.

              The screws are along the front edge of the cowl and there a couple at the ends that you can only reach when the doors are open.
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