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1964 Thunderbird Soft Top -- Help!

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  • 1964 Thunderbird Soft Top -- Help!

    I am a new owner of a very nice 64 Tbird conv. However, the top operation has me baffled. When the top is lower it does not meet the screws evenly and when it is lift up the screws bind and the deck lid snaps up. If I lowered the deck lid and took a ruler , the one side from the car to edge of the deck lid is 6 inches and the other side is 3 1/2 inches whuch means it is not opening or closing equally. With the lid all the way up the hydralic cylinders are measured equally on both side. The car frame is solid and I measured from the floor to bumper on each side and they are equal. I was wondering if there is an adjustment so the lid is at equal distances when opening and closing -- it just binds now and is a crap shoot if it will open or not. I also filled the hydralic tank for the top and the fliud and it only took about an ounce. I just do not know what to adjust . Also, when closed the lid is equal / level with the seams of the trunk/car.

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    Get yourself a shop manual or find somebody that knows about those tops. They aren,t the easyest things to adjust.


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      1964 Thunderbird Soft Top -- Help!

      Hi Russell, As Bill said, if you do not have a shop manual for your year Flairbird, you will want to get one from one of our many Tbird parts vendors. Also anything to do with working on the convertible top. You will find their information down in the Advertisements Forum. If you will look below my signature element, you will find the link to our Technical Resource Library or TRL. Slide down it to the section on Convertible Tops and you will find a lot of information that might help you trouble shoot the problem you are having. Also, if you slide down further to the Convertible Parts section, you will see a link to the Thunderbird Ranch. John Draxler has several links on the left side of his website that deal with trouble shooting, or replacing defective convertible tops. You might check that out also. Let us know if any of that information helps you fix the problem.

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        84 TBird top problem

        thanks for your input. I already had a manual but at times the written word does not tell all. I asked a friend who has a Tbird to come over. The cause for the snapping lid deck when openining , the sensor where the lid worn gear screw in when lowering the deck must have bumped down out of position. This meant the signal to start the hydralics stated and put undue pressure as it never completed the worm screw process. Confusing -- yes --- but it now is working. The measurement difference with deck lid is still there but since all is working as it should be it is not a big concern.