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    I have a 64 tbird with a 390 engine that is using a Holly carby that needs replacing. Should I stick with Holly 600cfm or find a replacement Autolight 4100.

    thanks Phil

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    Most people I have talked to swear by the Edelbrock 1406. I haven't tried it though. If you don't have an Autolite 4100 I would go that route.
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      If you want to look original, there's only the 4100 that works. You have a Holley now so the fuel line has already been altered, the fuel inlet on the Ebock is even different from the Holley. I guess it also depends on what it's going to cost you, since you're not exactly next to the factory. Ford dealers actually sold a Holley replacement (I have one on the shelf). If the 4100 isn't in the cards, I'd go for a small Holley. JMO Bob C


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        A new 600.

        IF you can't find a 4100 that is.
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