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    Turn signals stoped working, keep blowing fuses!!! any thoughts before I start chasing gremlins everywhere?

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    My 62 did that and the horn wire was broken causing shorts but not all the time - if you can disconnect horn wire/relay it might show the fault up? I had to remove the steering wheel and hub etc to get to the wire but while there you will get a good look at the wiring for the signal switch.



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      Thanks, I'll check it out. Was thinking about replacing the detent plate for which I'll have to remove the wheel anyway.


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        Most of these kinds of fault are caused by exposure to the weather. Most obvious corrosion in a lamp socket can either open or short a circuit.

        There are other causes as well. Frayed wires from rubbing on sharp metal edges mixed with vibration is a recipe for a good short.

        Most recently, Eric found his license plate bulb socket was grounded. That caused his headlight switch to click, and his tail lights stopped working. I know this isn't a turn signal, but the socket was exposed to weather, much like your front signal lamps are.

        Do you have a trailer pigtail? 'Sounds silly, but some T-birds pulled trailers (right, Ray?). Look for the evidence and make sure your wires/connector are protected.

        Unplug your lamps and troubleshoot from there. - Dave
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          turn signals

          Hello. I would look on the inside nearthe parking brake and make sure the lower harness is tight against the outside of the firewall. There our two harnesses coming in from that location through the firewall make sure there tight. If in question pull the carpet back and pull the lower plug out the outer clip on the firewall side will hold the outside in place while you can pull the lower plug from inside. Might want to spray some electronoc cleaner on the male and female plugs as I did. Larry.