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Parking brake light-dumb question

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  • Parking brake light-dumb question

    My dash was partially disasembled when I got it and I am putting it back together. on the drivers side the aluminum ribbed trim is off and the parking brake light socket is hanging down by it's wires. I have the chrome escution with the red lens in my hand. How does the socket assembly and chrome escution attach to each other and to the dash? I must be missing a part. I can't find anything in the parts books or the shop manual. thanks in advance for help.

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    Hey Ray Clark, could you find this page in your Electrical Diagrams Manual? I have one for a '55 but not for the Thunderbird. - Dave
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      Parking brake light

      HI Don. That was no dumb question. I looked in my '59 Tbird manual to see if I could find anything about this, but could not. Hopefully, one of the Bulletbird owners will come a long and be able to help you out.

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        Its on page 19 of the 63 Thunderbird Electrical assembly manual:

        -Socket with pigtail, bulb and spring from behind the dash.

        -Housing with angled ring on visible side of dash

        -C3SB-108909-A spacer use with model 63B only to be installed before final trim applique


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          GOT IT, what had happened is that part of the socket assembly that goes up in the chrome bezel had come out, this is the part that holds the red lens in. Ifinally got it snaped back in and everything went back together. Thanks for the replys.


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            parking brake light retainer

            I seam to be missing a part that holds the parking brake light in it's socket.
            I have searched the part number shown in the earlier post with no luck.
            is that part available ?
            can some one post a photo of it so i know what i am looking for


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              Here's the diagram from the electrical manual if it helps you at all. If you are missing parts contact The Bird Nest or Pat Wilson Thunderbirds. They should have what you need either new or used.

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