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Symtoms of a rear main seal leaking

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  • Symtoms of a rear main seal leaking

    This is a 62 t-bird with a rebuilt short block . I have some leaking on the left outside of the oil pan. The leak comes down onto the transmission cooler lines and settles onto one of the bell housing bolts. I have cleaned around the intake and the valve covers throughly. I start the engine up let it run about 2 minutes and I have about 4 to 5 drops of fresh oil. This was diagnosed by a mechanic says that one of the valve cover was warped. He showed me the cover so I went to by the best felpro gasket I could a nd gave him the OK to pound it out. I have cleaned the cover and the intake about 5 times and still I see the spotting. I purchased this short block from a reputable dealer out of town. Could this be possibably the rear seal and where i discribed where the leaking is occurring could that be the seal. This is a 62 t-bird. Little frustrating for me right now. Because I havent pinpointed the leak source. Larry

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    Larry, it's difficult for me to see the leak from here in Royal Oak, Michigan. If you can't find the leak, take it around until you find someone who can see it. We have discussed this leak, and over the course of three weeks, you said the leak is coming from different places.

    Why do you think the main seal is leaking? If oil is dripping down the side of your engine, it probably isn't from your rear main seal.

    FE engines shouldn't leak. Have your builder fix it for free, or hire a certified mechanic who is familiar with Ford FE engines. Start making phone calls, because you live close to big cities in Ohio. There must be hundreds of places that can fix your leak, just in Cleveland. - Dave
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