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  • New Engine Install Issues

    I just got my engine back after several months of waiting. I purchased from the thunderbird ranch as a short block then my mechanic assemblied everything back into my car. I noticed the other day I saw some oil on the driveway. Well I thought maybe a crack in the engine block or its coming from the driver side head. Or a the driver side valve cover is leaking. Well I put the car up on the ramps Iam noticing that oil is laying on the cooler lines but to look up further is a little hard to do being there our brackets in the way plus the whole block was painted a glossy black. The mechanic replaced all new gaskets and seal between the transmission and engine. I had this assenbled in Toledo oil and he brought it back to me. These transmission lines our filled with oil or radiator fluid This is a new area for me. Any help would be appreciated. It appears the oil is running down the metal lines which theres two of them. Thank you

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    Larry, whenever a new engine is assembled and installed, There may be fittings, gaskets, seals, etc., that may leak. They usually show up in the first hour of operation. This is a very critical time to watch.

    You must have a very slow leak if you aren't sure exactly what is coming out. Take a clean white napkin and wipe the drips. If they are red, it is transmission fluid. If it is green or orange (and smells sweet) it is radiator coolant. Oil looks slightly brown.

    Transmission cooling lines have transmission fluid in them. The fittings are flared and probably aren't seated properly. Two causes are, either the nut & fitting are cross-threaded, or they simply aren't tightened enough. They require quite a bit of torque because the lines are steel.

    Crack the line loose and see if you can turn the nut by hand. If you can, re-tighten it real well. If the nut turns with difficulty all the way out, it was probably cross-threaded. With effort, you can find the correct thread orientation and re-tighten.

    Oh... I know the Toledo area has great mechanics who are VERY capable of rebuilding and installing engines. Your problem is common. It happens in the factory and sometimes something will go wrong a week after a new car is delivered. The repair is free, but that's why we have Service Departments at the dealerships. Hope this helps. - Dave
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