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  • hub spins around

    I have a set of repo kesley wire wheels. The spinner is attached securely the problem is the hub that the spinner is attached to will rotate 360 degrees around and a little of a annoyance when driving. The spinner is attached to the hub securely. The problem is the hub turns. How do you secure that. Larry

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    Hey Larry,
    Can you get some silicone in there so that it will not show? If so let it set up twenty four hours and it will not spin anymore!
    Richard D. Hord
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      Larry are the " knock offs " Kelsey Hayes or aftermarket as in from Japan or India?? The reason I ask, is that it is unusual for " Kelsey Hayes knockoffs " hubs to rotate as the spinner is somewhat of a locking device, at least mine are. Are the other three (3) secure and this is the only one?
      The other concern I would have, is if the hub itself is secure so it doesn't break loose crusin down the highway. If you know someone at a tire shop, check it out as what may cost a little now will certainly not be as much if the wheel spins off
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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