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  • 62 package tray

    I've searched the forums and cannot find any to describe how to remove a package tray....I even looked in the work manual and saw the screws but how do you get to the heads of the screws??? I removed the 3 hex screws for the metal lip with the tbird emblem but I cannot remove that part either much less the tray.....any help is appreciated...

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    Hi Rocketman62
    I had exactly the same problem, I put a post up about a year ago and had some good advice, but unfortunately I still couldn't get the **** thing out.

    It's not hard to get at the screw heads. You need to lie in the trunk and use a short extension on a socket. I got all the screws out, removed the emblem bit you're referring to, and also the chrome trim at the base of the pillar on each side of the parcel shelf. It still wouldn't budge. the only explanation was that perhaps the tray was caught under the rear windscreen rubber, and some sealant had glued it in place? In the end I left it and masked it off when painting the car. Sorry I don't have better news.



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      Here's the link to the earlier post


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        thanks to the replys....I finally got time will be much easier if there is a next time


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          How did you manage it Rocketman62? Still haven't gone mine out.


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            Originally posted by Petrolhead View Post
            How did you manage it Rocketman62? Still haven't gone mine out.
            I took the panel off to the trunk where the backrest was, then I felt for the five hex head bolts and unscrewed them with a 3/8 socket. Then I pushed up the front of the panel and removed the rubber gasket where the front package tray rests. There are more screws under the rubber gasket which removes the front panel of the tray. Once all the screws were removed, I took off the chrome window molding and lower side trim. Then I pulled like **** on the front of the package tray as the rear was stuck pretty good in the rubber molding of the rear finally gave way cause I wasn't gonna give up after all that work
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