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More Battery Tray Pain!!##

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  • More Battery Tray Pain!!##

    First of all,thanks for all the wonderful posts when I originally asked about the battery rust issue on my 63 bird. As I prepare to send my car off to my body/paint guy to have my new panel installed I uncovered more problems. The previous owner decided he would hide the battery tray rust with a thin piece of tin a few sheet metal screws and DUCT TAPE!!(spay painted black) A new battery tray was bolted to this mess with reinforcing plates on the underside.
    My problem is this: The thin piece of tin extends down to the headlight bucket and is fixed there with several sheet metal screws!! I have the body assembly manual and I don't find any help with the front bumper/headlight area. I don't see any other way to get at this area without removing the front bumper. I have to deal with this the right way.
    As I sat staring at the car I happened to look up at my workbench peg board and there was a roll of duct tape staring back at me. Looked briefly more appealing than removing the front bumper!! LOL. Any suggestions on how to proceed?? Thanks in advance, Mike

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    Hi Mike,
    I Had to remove the front Bumper of my '61 to get to the headlight surrounds off for rechroming. This has been discussed before possibly with the VTCI. To play it safe you'll need 2 people to hold the bumper whilst the other person undoes the bolts holding it together. Don't forget to remove the parking light fixtures. If your headlight surrounds are pitted it might be a good idea to get them done as well. Also check the rubber between the bumper & the body in case it needs to be replaced. The reason why you need 3 people is because they are @#$%* heavy. If you can't get help get something solid & make sure it's rigid to support. I also would spray the bolts from the night before to make easy to remove.

    Best of luck....Chris....From the Land of OZ.


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      More Battery Tray Pain!!##

      Thanks Chris:
      I looked last night in the shop manual and it looks like the entire unit comes off via undoing 2 sets of supports at the frame?? Also maybe 2 other side supports?? Or do I work from the bumper itself?? Thanks, Mike Can you believe the Duct Tape thing??


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        It's just the two main supports, they slide up against the chassis rails. Some of the four bolts each side have captive nuts, while others need a wrench on the nuts as well. It does come off quite easily but yes, Chris is right, it's very heavy.

        If you don't disturb the bumper bracket assembly (from memory each one consists of two or three seperate brackets) you should have no problem with alignment when you refit the bumper.

        here are two pics, the bracket still on the bumper, and the components ready for powdercoating.
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          With mine I can't recall taking off all the brackets. If you do make sure you put them back together as you pulled them apart, otherwise the bumper might look somewhat out of wack. Also don't do the bolts too tight untill everything is lined up properly. You'll definately need 2 guys to hold it in place for putting it back together, so it lines up properly.

          Chris....From the Land of OZ.


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            More Battery Tray Pain !!###

            Thanks Chris,Petrolhead for your help!! I found a page in the 62 shop manual which say's exactly what you advised. I squirted the bolts 2 nights straight with Kroil. Was able to loosen all the frame to bracket bolts. I utilized A floor jack with a short 2X4 for the center decorative bar and 2 decorative padded cinder blocks on the ends of the bumper. Tonight I'll have a couple of buddies steady the unit while I finish removing the other bolts.
            I'm definitely going to leave the bumper together (brackets). the whole thing is pretty aligned as it sits. Plus the chrome is in good shape. Thanks again for the help. Regards, Mike