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disc brakes for 62 tbird

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  • disc brakes for 62 tbird

    Has anyone purchased and installed the disc brake kit from If so how did it work out with the installation?

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    Looks like a good quality kit. Just MAKE SURE the calipers face the REAR. If not you could run into clearance issues with the frt sway bar.

    My 60 has the SBC kit. Works great (Except for the swaybar issue)

    I have a custom made H/D swaybar in front AND a hvy duty in the rear. What an improvement !!!!

    If you are interested, I have a 61-63 style heavy duty front bar. It was on my 60 for awhile. I have the link kits that came with it but the clamps & brackets are different. They will work, but did not come with the swaybar. I'll take $100 bucks for it (+ shpg)
    John Byers
    1960 Convertible (Orig owner)