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    I looked around a bit and didn't find anything on here, but do any of you have suggestions or recommendations for covers that fit a 62 rocket bird well? I have had a couple and they always seem tight in the wrong spots and loose in others. The car sits outside right now () so I need a good cover that fits well. Thanks for any ideas.

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    I saw a 62 or 3 in deleware with a calf. car cover on it. Looked like it fit nice. Did you ever drive down 95 to naamins rd. (the spellin ain't right?)
    There is a t-bird guy down there. Has a bunch of stuff most times. Were
    in phily are you? I lived there almost all my life. Still work there. just found it , Hope that helps........Bill


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      Collinn by far California Car Covers are the great. I too have tried several types and none have the fit, that these have. Google their company name and their site will pop up with the Toll Free number or order online. I called them told them I had a 58HT, gave them the length ( overall ) of my bird and even had them install more plastic grommets on the bottom for the bungee chords to keep it as a tight fit in the garage. They are not cheap I think it was about $250.00+ BUT well worth the $$. Thay offer a storage bag as well to keep your cover in and again it was worth it to store over the spring / summer.If you can't get their site let me know and I will get their invoice out.

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      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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