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  • 62 carb

    I have a 62 tbird with a stock Holley four barrel carb and stock manifold. I need to replace the carb and wanted to install an edelbrock carb. I was told that a spacer would have to be added between the existing carb and the new one. The concern is that with the air cleaner on there may not be enough space for the hood to close. HAs anyone done this retrofit without changing the manaifold. If so did you have any problem using the stock air cleaner or the chrome edelbrock type without interferring with the hood closing

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    I didn't put the edelbrock on, but I did replace the stock with a Holley that was fit for the 390, using the stock manifold and I had to replace the air filter. The hood would close if I turned it a bit to the side, but that seemed kind of pointless. I put on the triangular shaped generic edelbrock air breather. Went on with no problems and now I can clean and reuse the element instead of replacing the filter.