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New 1963 T-Bird owner

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  • New 1963 T-Bird owner

    We(my husband,kids 16 and 11,and me) inherited from my uncle--orginal owner. Our new baby "Pink Lady" is a 1963 hard top, pink,with 26,600 miles. The inside is in wonderful shape, the out side is in great shape. I do have a few ?'s for the pros tires--ours are dry-rotted--can they be bought anywhere? or do I need to special order them some where?
    2 chrome--no rust but some is green,needs a good cleaning--any great products
    3--washing car-any products recommended

    The car had not been started in over 5 years--we towed it to a garage to get it started--a new battery,new plugs and distributor, new points,air filter and she runs great---we were thinking of selling so we did not do anything else--we talked my mom--long story lol--into keeping the car so what else should we get done--we are not mechanical--but the shop we use is great and reasonable--250 for the above(witha few thing s I forgot added lol) I think we should replace the brake line/pads and all the belts---this all works but if we are taking a sunday/family ride I hate to have anything happen--am I a worried mom? or should we do other things--the car has been parked for over 30 years--started once in a while moved around the parking area,drive a mile or so--and nothing in the past 5-10 years
    I have photos of before we moved it--she is dirty I will send later as my computer will not let me do it right now
    Any help/advice is welcome as we a new to this and $$ is tight

    Melissa in WV

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    I would change out ALL the fluids. Try searching the WWWeb for Diamond Back brand radial tires (with whitewalls). They are cheep. made of good quality, and made in the stock Tbird sizes...
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