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  • Italien $600K

    Well, it's over. The "Italien" is going to the Blackhawk Museum in California. Gaveled down for $600,000 - $25K more than for "Robosaurus" but $1,000,000 less than the Pininfarina-bodied '63 'Vette. With other '61-'63s going for $15-45K (not counting the customized lime green '63 convertible), I guess I'll have to do some re-detailing and cleanup on my hardtop.
    Alan H. Tast AIA, LEED AP BD+C
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    Author, "Thunderbird 1955-1966" & "Thunderbird 50 Years"

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    What auction was this? Barrett-Jackson?
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      Alan it's good to see you on the site as I am used to seeing you on the other one. Yes, that Italien didn't really hit the numbers everyone was projecting but still went for a solid number, based on that massive restoration. Having to start from " ground zero" as chronicled in Sept/ October issue of the Thunder Scoop and earlier issues, it has finally found a home
      that will allow all to see in the future.
      That lime green creation certainly was a different idea of someone's concept of " resto bird ".

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      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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        How about this bird?.....ebay motors #270205535065


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          That thing?

          I saw it for sale on craigslist a while back. It looked like the grandfather of Knight Rider's car KITT.

          The difference of course is that the Italien was a Ford Concept Car and that other bird is a customization of a standard hardtop. Most concept cars are never allowed into the general population so a car like this is exceedingly rare.
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