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Door weatherstrip/fuzzy removal

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  • Door weatherstrip/fuzzy removal


    I'm at the prep and paint stage on my '62 hardtop. Can anybody please tell me how to remove the 'fuzzy' weatherstrip with the chrome highlight that's attached to the top of the door? It seals the door to the window glass along the car's beltline.

    I had a look and there's nothing in the '62 shop manual

    Mine are in good condition and I don't want to bend them trying to remove them the wrong way - thanks.

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    They just snap in, but the type of clip used will not always allow you to remove them without damage. For best results you can try to use (2) 1" wide putty knife. one on each side of the clip and slowly twist. at any sign of distortion stop this means the clip is not releasing. in this case you will probably end up cutting the clip with a hacksaw blade to get them out. And using #04 screws to hold the strip back in.(I got mine at the local Hardware store) they are brass.
    Some will pop out and some are hard.

    On my '60 they had a small screw on each end holding them in place, along with the clips.

    I hope this will help you
    George (Papa of 9)
    1960 H/T :rolleyes:
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      Yes, that's great thank you - I wasn't sure if they had slotted holes that the clips slid into, or popped off as you say.

      Will have a go with the putty knives tonight.

      Thanks very much for your reply


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        Thanks 6TB1RD, I used the putty knives as you suggested last night and the weatherstrips popped off easily. Great advice, saved me some grief - thanks.