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62 to 63 Front suspension changes

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  • 62 to 63 Front suspension changes


    Can anybody tell me how significant the changes to the front suspension from 1962 to 1963 were please?

    I have learned that the lower shock mount changed from a stud through a pivoting mount, to an eye, for '63.

    I am airbagging my '62 (please don't shudder) and 1961-66 Thunderbird-specific Shockwaves don't fit.

    They appear to be too long, whereas 'uncleotis' on other forums bagged his '63 with the same Shockwaves and they fitted fine.

    I am wondering if the distance from the upper suspension a-arm when it's in its lowest position to the upper coil spring pocket/mount changed?

    I fitted the Shockwaves, and when they're fully defalted (as low as they go) the car is one-inch higher than when it had the factory coil springs.

    I sent some photos to Air Ride, they're being very helpful and are trying to figure out what's wrong, but agree that there's a problem.

    Has anyone, or do you now of anyone, who has fitted shockwaves to the front of a '62?

    As you can appreciate, trying to figure this out from down here in New Zealand is proving a bit of challenge.

    Thank you and regards

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