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  • gas smell

    Well two weeks ago i repalced my 62 tbirds gas tank because it leaked and smelled up the garage especailly when it was filled pass 1/2 a tank. Today I filled upthe new tank to 3/4 of a tank and although I see no leaks again the entire garage smells like gas.

    Could this be caused by the gas cap? or due to the fax that I need to reaplce the trunk seal (presently the trunk seal is gone).

    any thoughts?

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    It could be either one I would replace both and smell again
    Bob M
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      Gas Smell

      I would agree with Bob M that you probably should replace both. IF the gas cap is faulty, then gas would filter out similar to a lawn mower cap and you would smell gas anyway.
      If the gas tank was repaired properly and seams secure, then the trunk seal should be a non factor BUT it should be replaced to keep the trunk closure intact.
      Let us know how this turns out.

      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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        Im not sure about the 62 but i have a 63 and it has a vent tube. I lowered my rear end and when i would fill the tank full sometimes after hitting a speed bump some of the gas would spurt out frot the vent tube (lesson learned) so you may just be smelling whats leaking out of the gas tube or it could just be dirty gas you're filling up with. Ive dont that a few times when I was in a bind and all that was around was either a no name gas station or a 7-Eleven.


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          Gas smell a bigger problem

          Well I took a closer look at the gas tank I install new two weeks ago and noticed that the o-ring looked missing. So I puled the tank out again and only 30% of the O-ring was left the rest had kind of melted. It appears that the gas tank I bought O-ring was not made of materials that could deal with the 15% enthnol that's in all of Hawaii gas.

          Does anybody have an idea where I can get a reoplacement O-ring that could handle the achohol in enthonol?


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            Are you talking about the fuel sender gasket that sits on top of the tank, part 9276A? That part only costs about $1.50 to $2.00. Most T-bird vendors have it. The part is the same for 1961 to 1966 Thunderbirds and probably for the Full- Size Fords. I cannot tell you for sure if it the same material that was on your repro-tank. We have 10% ethanol in our gas in New York, and so far my o-ring on my gas tank is fine. I had a problem years ago with a defective 0-ring. Every time I filled up, gas would pour out the top of the tank around the fuel sender.
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              Its not the fuel sender o-ring but the fill tube o-ring, which I've reorder through The Bird's Nest. i also contacted the company I bought the tank from to have them send one too. So if I have any other problems I will have a spare.