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    Not to offend But you don't hook it to the coil. You take it back on the same wire near the fire wall. Thats a resistor wire
    and the volts are 4 or 5 I forget back there.


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      none taken but when i got my thunderbird the owner before somehow cut it out for whatever reason so i ran it to the coil so whenever the ignition is on it powers the choke. Same thing if you're installing an electric fuel pump so its only operational when the key is on.


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        Hi yes you want 12 volts to the fuel pump but not the choke.
        I put a 650 holley on my 60 and the instructions said test the resistor wire until the volts drop to whatever they said. I still have it in the box. If yours is running OK I wouldn't touch
        it. My car really runs way better with the autolight 4100. Of coarse i sent it to somebody who got the back barrels to open faster. And Oboy did they. Now the brakes are a joke. I even added power brakes. Still a dicey game. I've had this about 6 years and it never ran this good. What's the old saying , when
        they start to go their ready to blow. I hope not.Later...........