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1962 Thunderbird interior

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  • 1962 Thunderbird interior

    What supplier has 1962 Champaign Beige door panels and dash pad? I can only find black and white.


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    1962 Thunderbird interior

    Hi Scott, I just talked with the Bird Nest. I knew the answer to the dashpad. They only come in black or white these days. You would have to paint it the color you want it. Mine was black, and when I had the interior done, my interior guy painted it yellow to match the yellow of the interior. As for the 1962 door panels, they also only come in black or white. If her Bulletbird has a Champagne Beige dashpad and door panels, if it is an all original car, then it might have been a factory special order. Or... someone had a white dashpad, white door panels and painted them Champagne Beige to match. They said what guys do these days, is to order white dashpads and door panels and paint them the color they want... So I was told...

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      Thanks, Ray! Great hearing from you.

      I was afraid of that. White with Champaign Beige canít be that bad. Or would be? Black would be a stretch.