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    Hang on, this is going to be possible confusing one. But let me start at the beginning.

    My horn has never worked on my 63. So a month or so ago I started doing some basic troubleshooting. One of the things I did was buy the new spring for contact under the steering wheel. When I put the new one in, I either put it in wrong or something else went wrong. The spring wedged down in the little hole on the shift selector dial and I was unable to get it out. So I just decided to buy a new dial and I would replace the old one and bought a new spring too.

    So I took the steering wheel apart,. I was familiar with this because I've changed both my detent plate and shift lever. If I would of known how hard it was to replace the shift indicator I would of left it and just bought an air horn to hold out the window. It took me hours to fish the new wire through the steering column. I pretty much had to break everything down to just the steering column. So life caught up to me and it's been a month since I started this project. All of my screws and nuts and bolts were resting in my magnetic tray so they didn't wander off. So I get out there yesterday wanting to put everything back together. I tried working from memory and I had the shop manual but I couldn't find much in either! I get everything back together and I realize the swing away doesn't work. No big deal I thought. I can live with that not working. But when I went to start the car it wouldn't. I know the battery is good but it wouldn't even turn over.

    So where did I go wrong? Like I said, I can't find an expanded view of the upper steering column. Do I need to take it all back apart and start over? I'm not worried about the horn at all at this point. I just want to be able to start it and put it in gear.

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    Here's the diagram of the moveable column. Obviously something is amiss where your neutral switch is not making contact. I would check that first. Even if the column is not sliding away the neutral switch should still work.


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      It's easy to "jump" the neutral safety switch to test it. They are notorious for getting out of adjustment, because they are held in place by sheet metal screws that loosen easily. Once you get it adjusted and tightened down, use a large hose clamp to over the bracket and screw heads to clamp it in place for good.