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1962 Top did not want to go down

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  • 1962 Top did not want to go down

    After sitting in the cold garage all winter last week when it was about 60 outside I sent to put my top down. The rear deck went up as it should but when it came for the top to it was really fighting hard to move much. I had the car sitting in a way that it was easier for it to come up and drop down. I did not try for long to get it to go down. I felt there was something up and I did not want to hurt the motor. I would think perhaps at the least my reservoir is low on fluid and the pump and lines are low/dry and won't circulate? I know when I open the screw on the side of the reservoir the level should be at the bottom of that hole. As of last fall there were no visible leaks in the system, lines, etc. I just parked it when this happened so I have not looked for leaks. If I recall the system could have one of two diff fluids in it? Brake fluid or trans or ps, I forget.
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