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installing classic auto air

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  • installing classic auto air

    I have a 63 convertible with factory air, all of the rubber parts air gone so the air flow is not there. My plan was to go with a classic auto air but was told by them that the kit is for non ac cars and will not fit. I have the heater out of the car and the heat control out and it looks to me , from looking at the install manual from classic auto air there is no difference and it would fit once the factory AC came out. Has anyone instated a classic auto air direct fit in a 1963 factory AC car

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    Well got it done and it will fit


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      installing classic auto air

      Ken, congratulations on your CAA installation! If you have not done so, I would call CAA and speak with either Dwight at x8023, or Steve at x8024, and tell them they should update their installation instructions or information they supply their Bulletbird owners. That the install will work on OEM AC equipped Bulletbirds. I talk with them a lot as I do a good bit of coordination with them mostly regarding Squarebirds. If what they said or their information says is incorrect, they need to know that. Did you have any problems with locating water pump pulleys, or a compressor mounting bracket? Got any pix you can post as to what it looks like now that you have it installed?

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