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1962 tbird 6 or 12volt?

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  • 1962 tbird 6 or 12volt?

    My car is all orig, generator and all. Are these cars 6 or 12 volt?
    I am thinking 12 based on the newer modern battery in it??
    1962 Conv Tbird
    1993 Miata LE
    1994 Miata

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    It's 12 volts. 1955 was the last year for 6 volts in Thunderbirds.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      1962 tbird 6 or 12volt?

      John is correct, that the '56 and up are 12v. BUT, your gauges are NOT. They are 6V gauges that use the Constant Voltage Regular (CVR) (probably attached to the back of your instrument panel) to drop that voltage down to 6v so that 12V does not fry your gauges. Which it will, if they get hit with 12V. Trust me, I know, as it happened to me twice. I went to a solid state version which has protection to prevent 12v from getting to those 6v gauges. I see you are not a Paid Member of the Forum. If you ever have a need to replace that CVR unit DO NOT buy an OEM version to replace it with. I am told that most of them come from China these days and have a high failure rate. That is the last thing you need. Our webmaster offers a special offer on taking your OEM CVR unit, and building a solid state unit in it (guaranteed for life) and shipping it back to you. He also offers you a discount IF you become a Paid Member($20yr). Check out the information about this up in the Membership Benefits and Webspace Information section underneath the Rules Of Conduct.

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