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Outside door handle issues

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  • Outside door handle issues

    A couple of days ago I came to lock my driver's door and it wouldn't the I noticed the bezel was loose then the button fell inside here we go I said so today i removed the inside door panel and proceeded to remove the parts from the inside of the door and try to figure out how to firmly reinstall them. After 3hrs of fiddling around I gave up so here I am seeking someone's infinite wisdom. I basically have three parts the bezel, the push button with the spring attached and the washer type part that I assume connects the springer button to the bezel securely but I can't get them to all lock in to each other. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Door button issues

    Finnally figured out my problem, the spring part when the button is pushed in was broken where the tabs on the bezel is suppose to engage. it's suppose to push in and twist to lock into position. Not exactly an easy part to get at to install but finally managed.